HEIRING - A family-run jewellery company established in 1976 by Frits Heiring 

The foundation of the company revolves around a fantastic family unity in combination with skilful professional employees ensuring that the jewellery is of the highest quality. Excellence in a tailored customer experience, offering a personalised touch to every piece of jewellery.

Today the family company has created a luxurious brand that focuses on high quality and Danish production.

"The company philosophy is that jewellery must speak for itself

Every day, employees at HEIRING strive to ensure the high quality and unique design from start to finish. The designs are timeless and classic and collections are always anchored in craftsmanship, love for the materials and personal style.

Good design requires good craftmanship

Good design requires good artisanship. HEIRING known for putting quality at the forefront with most of the jewellery produced by goldsmiths at the workshop in Denmark.

When the designer gets an idea it is shaped in metal right from the beginning and allows the design to change throughout the process, in terms of shape, surface and stones. This gives the goldsmiths great influence in the design process and control in the final expression of the jewellery.

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