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Heiring Jewellery is handcrafted and produced in sterling silver (925s) or 14K gold (585) and 18K gold (750).  A large part of the silver collection is 18K gold plated, rhodium plated and oxidised in sterling silver 925s.

Brilliant cut diamonds found in Heiring jewellery are of quality Wesselton VS.  Stones are genuine gemstones that have been carefully chosen.

All jewellery from Heiring is stamped with FHS.  This is your guarantee that you have purchased an original and authentic Heiring design.

All jewellery needs a little care and maintenance to extend the durability of the coating.

For everyday use and to keep your Heiring Jewellery looking its best, we recommend the following tips:

Always remove your jewellery before sleeping.

Avoid washing your hands while wearing your jewellery and always remove before bathing, cleaning, gardening, swimming, exercising, etc.

Jewellery should be added as the final step in your daily routine.  Apply beauty products such a lotions, oils, perfume, make-up & hairspray before wearing your jewellery.  Chemicals may damage the finish.

Clean your jewellery after each use with a soft cloth.

Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place ideally in separate compartments to prevent scratching
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