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What's The Best Way To Collect Online Reviews? 

Savvy business owners know that systems are the best way to get things done - and the best way to consistently get online reviews is systematically

Your business needs a customer review system

Collecting and listening to customer feedback can really pay off.

80% of new business prospects look online before they contact a business. If they see that your business has some negative feedback or reviews, your ability to do business as a company will be badly hampered. It's easy to avoid....

Depend On Reviews
Believe Online Reviews
Trust Online Information
Change Opinion

90% of people depend on online reviews when deciding to purchase a product or service.

79% of consumers trust online reviews a much a referrals from friends.

92% of consumers trust the information they see online, sometimes more than salesmen or any other sources.

80% of consumers change their opinion upon reading a bad review about a business online.

Businesses get a 58% boost in sales when they get good reviews and they lose an estimated 30 customers for each bad review.

Now you can see why it is important to build and maintain a good image and reputation online!

It's  in your best interests to consider, and act upon what people are saying about your business so that you can gain all the benefits listed above.

That being said, it can be more difficult to maintain a positive online image than you might think. Competitors, disgruntled ex-employees and unreasonable customers can very easily post negative comments and reviews in various social media platforms, blogs and forums.

Searching for them is time-consuming and little can be done to counter these activities once they are posted online.

A good, sound strategy is what your business needs in order to efficiently monitor and maintain a great image for your business.  For many top companies, this is an integral part of their marketing strategy, because the potential of gaining new leads and more sales cannot be overlooked.

Having a negative comment removed is a hard task to accomplish. When it goes viral, then the task becomes nigh impossible.

It's not the end of your business though; there are still ways to counter them, and even turn them around for your company's benefit.To start off this vital task of keeping a good image online, you must first assess your current reputation on the internet.

Ask these questions as guidelines:

  • What do potential customers see when they search for your company on the internet?
  • What type of audience is talking about your company?
  • Are there positive mentions and reviews about your business that balance out the negative ones?
  • Is there inaccurate information shown?

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